mi40 visco: Viscosity measurements on a plastometer

With the add-on "viscosity measurement" the mi40 is transformed into a mi40 visco. This enables the plastometer to perform viscosity measurements according to the standard for capillary rheometers ISO 11443.

The proven ease of operation of the melt-flow indexer is combined with the increased material characterization capabilities of a capillary rheometer. This new option makes it possible to test viscosity as a QC criterion, without a huge investment in time, training or money.
The key advantages of the mi40 visco are:

  • Unimpeded functionality as Melt Flow Indexer (Plastometer)
  • QC control for processability of plastics
  • Fast and easy viscosity measurements according to ISO 11443
  • Up to 10 apparent shear rates with one filling of the barrel
  • Material characterization at higher, process relevant shear rates
  • Viscosity test at the commonly specified apparent shear rate of 1000 1/s
  • Lower cost and easier to use than normal capillary rheometers

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The new viscosity option for the mi40 melt flow tester has been developed to perform measurements according to the capillary rheometer standard ISO 11443...

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