Foundation and steady development

GOETTFERT Werkstoff-Prüfmaschinen GmbH was founded in 1962 by Prof. Dr.Otto Göttfert. In the second generation his son Dr. Axel Göttfert took over the leadership as sole managing director.
On the world market the medium-sized organization is well known as one of the leading companies in the niche field of rheological testing instruments. The innovative rheological systems are installed in laboratories as well as in production settings globally.

In order to be closer to many of our customers already in the year 1989 a subsidiary company was opened in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA. In 2011 the GOETTFERT (China) Limited located in Beijing and Shanghai as well as Gdi (GOETTFERT - Dataphysics Instruments) in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi (India) started their work.

Service network and product range

GOETTFERT runs a worldwide net of representatives in over 90 countries with a high level of technical and sales background to fulfill the near contact to interested groups.
Today the certified and accredited company comes with a wide range of products in this field for thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers and equipments under clean room conditions. The devices are built in modular small series to fit the different range of requirements.
GÖTTFERT presents its flexible rheological testing technology in closed product groups.

The sample testing during production is covered by the „ONLINE” and/or “AT-LINE” technology as well as through film analysis. For the quality control in the laboratory we deliver melt index testing instruments and for the characterization of new materials the capillary rheometry together with the elastomer testing systems find their place. Furthermore the pilot plant recipe development can be covered with our Extrusiometry machine range. Finally production or testing devices with clean room requirements are part of the portfolio. All GOETTFERT systems fulfill the highest standards on quality and innovation!


Quality "MADE BY GOETTFERT" stands for taking responsibility. It also means that you cannot test “Quality” into a product; it has to be built in. One central basic business priciple, followed from “Technology” and “Service” which are the 3 fundamentals in its company philosophy. A modern equipped manufacturing engineering system offer here the best basic requirements to perform the mechanical manufacture and the Software development of all components inhouse.

With our philosophy of production located in Germany, GOETTFERT consciously takes over the liability even many years after the delivery of equipment, guaranteeing being present with support and spare parts for our customers. Reliable customer Service, short delivery times, comprehensive consulting and reliable Partnership are responsibilities, which the company demonstrates every day again and again.

Sales Service