A new generation of Melt Index Testing

For several decades, GÖTTFERT has been offering different levels of automation for melt index testers.

Starting with the semi-automated melt index tester mi2.2, over the semi-automated testers MI-3 and mi40 up to the fully automated melt index testing instrument MI-ROBO. Increasing automation has also not stopped at the testing laboratories of materials testing, and for some years now there has been an increasing demand for automated materials testing.

Automation of test equipment has various advantages, for example the human factor is excluded by a standardized measurement process, which results in increased reproducibility of the measurement results. In addition, users in the laboratory are physically relieved by automated testing and can thus support several test devices in the laboratory.

mi40 - automation

MI-ROBO, already well established on the market, is now internal supported by a further development of fully automated melt flow index tests. We now offer the solution to fully automate the laboratory melt flow indexer mi40 by use of an industrial robot, starting from the automatic feeding of the test materials, the feeding of the barrel, the execution of the measurement and the cleaning of the test barrel. This automation solution allows quality control using multiple melt flow index testers (mi40) at the same time with different test materials and different test conditions.

The mi40 also has an OPC/UA interface which enables bi-directional communication between machines.

mi40 - viscosity

The mi40 offers the opportunity to perform melt index tests with several weights (multiple weight measurements). A further add-on of the mi40 is the further development of the melt index multi-weight measurement with the option of viscosity testing in an extended shear rate range.


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