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We offer free webinars on our products, software solutions and services. In these our experts talk about various rheological topics and are then available for questions and answers from the participants.

We are looking forward to welcome you “online”.

Melt Flow Index and Capillary Rheometer

This workshop may be of interest to all that work in a lab that tests polymers, where flow properties of molten polymer is of interest. If you deal with moldings, extrusion, or compounding, if you are concerned about processing of virgin, recycled materials, or a mixture of those, you are likely in need of Melt Indexers and/or Capillary Rheometers. Here you will learn when and how to use which instrument and for what purpose.

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Customized Webinar

In addition to the listed webinars, we also offer customized webinar to your needs. We are flexible in terms of time and content and can respond to your questions individually. If you are interested in an individual webinar, we look forward to hearing from you via email at sales@goettfert.de, by phone at +49 (0) 6281 4080 or by filling out the following form.

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