Workshops and Seminars

Every year numerous operators of GOETTFERT testing instruments are trained in theory and practice by our application engineering experts. The seminars in areas of melt flow measurement, capillary rheometry, online capillary rheometer and elastomer testing are covering both, a theoretical and a practical part.

Do you have questions regarding the execution or interpretation of your rheological measurement results? We offer the solution through application-specific seminars. In particular, these provide support for users from the experiment itself up to the evaluation and interpretation of the measurement results.

11.09.2018 - 12.09.2018

Determination of the viscosity function by means of a Capillary Rheometer

The purpose of the workshop is to get the operators familiarized with the handling of the capillary rheometer, both, in practice and theory with the aim to qualify the operators for scientific interpretation of achieved test results, to evaluate the test results with regard to accuracy and to prepare application-oriented test results


  • Balance equations of material, energy and impulse
  • Definition of stresses
  • Determination of elastic properties of fluids
  • Correction of wall and temperature effects
  • Die swell
  • Presentation of PVT diagrams (isothermal, isobar)
  • Thermal conductivity

Practical Training

  • Measurement of flow- and viscosity function with various capillary rheometer models
  • First normal stress difference
  • Die swell
  • Determination of PVT diagrams
  • Melt elongation
  • Melt index
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Shark Skin
  • Contifeed
  • PVT - measurement

Individual Training

Our training program does not offer what you are looking for? Furthermore you would like to receive individual, customized training with a group of employees at your facility or in our application testing laboratory?

We are offering individual training with melt-index testers, capillary rheometers or rubber-testing instruments. In doing so, we agree on the content and format of the training according to the requirements defined by you.

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