Test Laboratory vs. Calibration Laboratory

Speaking about material testing in certified laboratory you have to differentiate between a test laboratory and a calibration laboratory.

Test Laboratory (according ISO 17025)

  • norm test 
  • factory norm test 
  • Instrument demonstrations
  • Commission measurements

Calibration Laboratory (following ISO 17025)

  • metrological control
  • calibration
  • calibration seal
  • documentation

A test laboratory is called a room in which mainly standardised measurements after ISO and ASTM are conducted. A couple of measurements are not covered in ISO or ASTM standards. In this case GOETTFERT developed “factory norms” to ensure the highest level of reproducible and reliable measurement results as well as the maintenance of our instruments. Because of that, we are able to conduct commission measurements and instrument demonstrations according to well established standardised and certificated norms. The GOETTFERT Test Laboratory got an enormous modernisation and extension and is certificated according highest laboratory standard ISO 17025. Beside norm tests and factory norm tests we are able to use the laboratory environment for instrument demonstrations.

A calibration laboratory is in contrast a room in which calibrations of measuring devices using gauges are conducted, meeting national and international measuring standards called standard measuring device. For such a calibration measurand like the torque or temperature has to be fixed. The standard measuring device has to be synchronize with the measuring device which has to be calibrated. The used standard devices are checked regularly and documented in a calibration certificate, including merest measuring uncertainties.

In 1995 GOETTFERT already got the accreditation for the practiced and well-established quality management certificated from DQS according international standard DIN EN ISO 90001. Furthermore, the test laboratory which is used for norm test, instrument demonstrations and commission measurements is since 2002 certificated according to DIN EN ISO/IEC ISO 17025.

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