Counter Pressure Viscosimeter

This modified capillary rheometer consists of two interconnected capillary rheometers and can be used in a variety of application testing modes. Thus, both capillary rheometers can be used independently.

  • DIN 54811
  • ASTM D3835
  • DIN ISO 48
  • ASTM D5930 (TC)
  • ASTM D5099
  • ISO 11443

The counter pressure viscosimeter is a rheological test instrument for the determination of the viscosity of plastics and flowable materials as a function of the counter pressure. It consists of two interconnected capillary rheometers, which can act simultaneously on a melt sample via a connecting barrel With this modified capillary rheometer, a determination of the flow curve as a function of a precisely defined backpressure is possible.


  • Constant high piston force over the entire speed range
  • Speed range from 0.00004 mm / s to 40 mm / s
  • (0.0024 mm / minute - 2400 mm / minute), corresponding to a ratio of 1: 1,000,000
  • High dynamic die acceleration: 0-40 mm / s in 0.6 s
  • Position Detection: High Resolution Encoder (0.0000016 mm)
  • Automatic pressure sensor recognition: Plug & Test


The pressure transducer signal at the RG 20, RG 25, RG 50, RG 75, RG 120 can be displayed with a resolution of 0.005 % from nominal range, that means 0.1 bar with a 2000 bar transducer.
To ensure highest accuracy all GÖTTFERT pressure transducers are recalibrated specially by a software controlled system.



Viscosity measurements with counter pressure

An important contribution to the 3D injection molding simulation


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