PVT 500

PVT 500 (Pressure, Volume, Temperature) is a instrument for isobar and isotherm pvt measurements. The instrument is conduction the specific behaviour of the material according ISO and ASTM standards.

  • DIN ISO 48
  • ASTM D5930 (TC)
  • ISO 22007

With the PVT 500 the thermodynamic properties, which means the specific volume of a polymer and elastomer sample, can be determined as a function of temperature and pressure. 
These data are particularly important for the simulation of the injection moulding process. Additionally, the measurement enables a precise description of any process of shrinkage during cooling, for example in extrusion technologies. The instrument can conduct the measurements in two modalities, isothermal and isobaric. An isothermal pvt measurement is determining the material specific behaviour with constant temperature and variable pressure. In contrast, an isobaric pvt measurement is conducting the measurement with constant pressure and variable temperatures. Measuring a material in this mode enables the possibility to analyze the cooling process of any kind of material, which is highly interested for the extrusion industry. The PVT 500 is operating with the well established LabRheo software. LabRheo enables the definition of individual measuring parameters, as well as live-time monitoring of the measurement. An integrated script-generator enables the automatic run of measurements. The instrument is able work according to ISO17744, ISO22007 and ASTM D5930 standard. Due to efficient air-cooling, an affitional thermostat is not necessary and space can be saved.

  • Constant high piston force 20 kN
  • Test barrel diameter 9.5 mm, maximum pressure 2500 bar
  • Dynamic speed range: 0.0001 - 30 mm/sec (0.006 – 2400 mm/min)
  • Position acquisition by high resolution encoder (0.000053 mm)
  • New air-cooling system, cooling-rate max. 30K/min
  • No cooling water supply required (but optional available)
  • Integrated tempering jacket
  • PVT measurement isobaric or isothermal
  • Optimized test chamber, low heat supply necessary
  • Determination of thermal conductivity 
  • additional temperature control with an external thermostat 

PVT isobaric

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PVT isothermal

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