The TRICO-RAM is a RAM extruder or piston extruder for three components based on a capillary rheometer. The device is designed for operation in clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry.

The TRICO-RAM was developed from our standard high-pressure capillary rheometer especially for use in clean rooms. The RAM extruder has three independently metered material reservoirs which are extruded together in one strand. For example, implants made of biodegradable plastics can be produced as drug carriers.

Why using a RAM Extruder instead of continuous working screw extruder?
A RAM Extruder uses the platform of a capillary rheometer, a well proven testing instrument in the polymer industry. High precision temperature control guaranties stable condition within the reservoir.The heating process in the reservoir is very gentle, compared to undefined mixing in a continuous extruder which might lead to unwanted shear heating. The linear speed driven ram guaranties a constant and stable diameter of the extrudate, which cannot be reached with the pulsating flow in a screw-driven extruder.

The batch process of a RAM extruder guaranties minimum off spec material and product waste. High-cost products like temperature-sensitive medicine can be processed in small quantities with less than 100 ml per extrusion cycle.

The TRICO-RAM is completely made of stainless steel and designed according to protection class IP64. This makes it easy to clean and disinfect the unit. It is designed for operation in Class A clean rooms.

Technical specifications
  • Three independently speed controlled pistons extrude products within a speed range from 0.00004 - 40 mm/sec
  • 200 ml reservoirs in all three barrels provide sample volume for batch extrusion processes
  • Due to independent piston drive control, different volume rates in all three barrels can be maintained
  • Extrusion process is monitored and controlled by three extrusion pressure transducers, three product temperature sensors and three piston force sensors up 40 kN
  • Temperature control between 30°C – 250°C
  • Design approved to clean room condition according to class A

RAM – vs. Screw Extrusion?

Advantages of the discrete, discontinuous RAM extrusion compared to the conventional screw extrusion in the clean room production.


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