The MDR ELASTOGRAPH is a Moving Die Rheometer which is used to determine the viscoelastic material behaviour in plastified state during vulcanisation and after vulcanisation of the material sample according highest ISO and ASTM standards.

  • DIN 53529

The ELASTOGRAPH, a rotorless vulcameter is used to determine the behavior of viscoelastic material in a plastified state during vulcanization and after vulcanization. For this purpose, the torsional load is imposed on the sample by the rotational oscillation of the lower test die half. Torque and phase angle are recorded as a function of test time. The instrument can be equipped with five different test champers as well as different amplitudes. The GOETTFERT Moving Die Rheometer is attractive for the characterization of rubber compounds in plastic states, during vulcanisation as well as vulcanized samples.
The MDR Elastograph was developed with the experience of 45 years in the field of rubber testing and has proven high accuracy, reliability and repeatable measurement results. 

Measuring Types
  • Vulcanisation
  • Autoloader 
  • volume punch 
  • normal force measurement 
  • torque calibration 

Variable time

Comparable with the usual vulcameter test here the module and the viscosity via the time are being captured...


Temperature Sweep

GOETTFERT MDR Elastographs, enable operator through a temperature sweep with an integrated temperature control program...

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