RCR 20

A capillary rheometer with a test force of 20 kN which is designed to determine the flow and vulcanization behavior of rubber compounds in a short test under processing conditions.

  • ASTM D5099 (Rubber)
  • ISO 11443 (Viscosity)
  • GFT 014-02

The Rubber-Capillary-Rheometer RCR 20 is a capillary rheometer for rubber applications with a maximum test load of 20 kN. The RCR is optimized for the shortest possible measuring time and easy operation to provide very fast results especially in QC applications. A typical measurement takes about 2-5 minutes.

In open extrusion mode, the RCR is operated as a standard capillary rheometer, and the viscosity is determined at up to three shear rates per barrel filling. The shear rate is determined from the piston speed and the shear stress from the piston force.

In the optional injection mode, the material is typically injected at constant pressure into an independently heated mold that is typically kept at a higher temperature. In this mode, both the flow and vulcanization behavior of the rubber or compound is characterized very close to the process conditions.

The capillaries are easily exchangeable and different barrel diameters and die geometries are available. It is possible to switch between the two test modes under program control without having to modify the testing device.

  • Maximum test force 20 kN, maximum pressure 600 bar
  • Testing under production and processing conditions
  • Piston diameter 20 mm
  • short test intervals of less than 3 minutes
  • High dynamic speed range (1:800000)
  • Fast piston acceleration: 0-15 mm/sec in only 0.35 sec.
  • Extrusion mode with up to 3 piston speeds per filling to determine viscosity
  • Easy parameterization, test execution and evaluation with software "Rubberview”
  • Optional: Injection mode with independently temperature-controlled ramification or spiral mold
Measurement types
  • Extrusion mode for viscosity measurement
  • Injection mode for injection molding simulation and characterization of vulcanization behavior (option)
  • Die-Swell measurement (option)
Optional units
  • Die-Swell measurement
  • Ramification or spiral mold for injection mode
  • Heat decoupling between test barrel and mold
  • Volume Punch

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