Blown Film Unit BFU 300/400/500

The Blown Film Station is a compact unit to blow, cool, draw-out and to wind up the extruded tubes. Primarily used in production quality control to measure how well the dispersion works in batches run on extruders and kneaders; in incoming quality control for color and spot distribution; in the development to find and control the max. draw-out of the polymer and to test the suitability of polymers and compounds used. Alternatively to produce small film tubes in different thicknesses, for applications mainly found in the packaging or food industry, where the use of large-scale extruders makes little sense.

Key functions and data

The blown film head / die is mounted to the EXTRUSIOMETER with a cross head die. Using a long die land, the melt while being transported, is sufficiently homogenized. An air-cooling ring with one or two precisely controlled outlets offers perfectly distributed cooling power. This feature ensures that thickness tolerances can be held small. The instrument frame is not only extremely stable, but on wheels and movable, or totally locked down and has a centrally mounted telescopic tower. Cooling ring, film layering, and height are all adjustable and guarantee pull-off speeds up to 50 m/min.

Film Thickness
The laser distance measurement head operates with high precision, covering all the adjustable range. Its set-up can be optimized to cover a wide range of materials and surfaces. A simple Good/Bad analysis is available, also advanced functions, such as statistical analysis with averaging, min/max values and excentricity.

Film Gloss
Via the multi-angle gloss measurement, we cover the range from dull to high gloss. Using intelligent calibration and continuous self-diagnostics, long-term stability and precision of measurement data is assured. Continuous gloss statistics, the display of geometrical shapes, averages, min/max values or deviation are part of the package.

Spot detection
The gapless detection of irregularities in the film analysis is essential to ensure the homogeneous quality in the production. The laboratory system runs parallel to the process either with the same material or in pilot-plant procedure.

Technical specifications
  • Roll width 320 / 420 / 570 mm
  • Flattening width 300 / 400 / 550 mm
  • Die dimension 30 / 50 / 60 mm
  • Take-off speed 0.1 - 50 m/min
  • Decoupling unit
    • Electronic presetting of the maximum traction force of 50 N
    • Controlled film take-off
  • Central lifting unit for easy height adjustment
Optional Units
  • Dual-lip cooling ring
  • Air cushion with central adjustment
  • Film analysis system
  • Core-less, force controlled wind-up unit
  • Film rip control
  • Film border cutting
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