MI-Robo 89.16

The world wide exclusive fully automated melt-index-instrument with automatic filling, measurement and cleaning.

  • ISO 1133
  • ASTM D1238
  • ASTM D3364
  • BS 2782
  • NF51-016

The MI-ROBO runs the melt flow rate testing process by fully automatically performing sample loading, cleaning and die changing according to ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238 standards for granulate as well as powder materials. This means fully automated filling of the barrel, with automatic process of the measurement as well as die and barrel cleaning right after the measurement. Any number of measurements can be conducted one after each other without any intervention of an operator. 
The MI-ROBO is individually configurable according to customer materials. This ensures the opportunity to measure all kinds of plastic material with a fully automated instrument. 

  • integrated sample magazine for 30 or 45 single tests, to fill with plastic granules, powder etc.
  • electric linear drive for weight handling system with permanent position control ( 0,02mm). So the pre-loading, pre-heating and feeding positions for each test are free definable via parameter. No more sensors must be adjusted.
  • time saving, force controlled pre-loading and ejection of the test material via drive and test weights (up to 60 kg) especially when testing viscous materials. Therefore, force can be defined stepless.
  • reduced air consumption (< 5 m³/h, only 30% of consumption of the former model 89.07), because of low-noise electric drives.
  • positioning of all cleaning tools with one single linear drive. Each cleaning tool operates via force control to get an optimum of pressing force.
  • completely integrated cleaning cloth feeding inside the device and comfortable exchange of the cloth roll at the front side of the device.
  • piston cleaning unit moves faster and more reliable via electric positioning instead of pneumatic cylinder.
  • cleaning module, with or without die cleaning (necessary option). The unit can now be equipped with fully automatic die cleaning.

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