mi40 - auto

The mi40 melt index tester (Plastometer) is a modular component of the Laboratory Automation Platform, which enables fully automated quality control of the flow properties of plastics.

  • ISO 1133
  • ASTM D1238
  • ASTM D3364

The Automation Platform provides the ability to fully automate melt flow index tester (Plastometer) and capillary rheometer using an industrial robot. Starting from the automatic feeding of the test materials, the feeding of the test barrel, the execution of the measurement and the cleaning of the test barrel, the measurement process of the melt index test is fully automated. This enables automated 24/7 quality control of the flow properties of plastics.

  • Automation several melt index testers (Plastometer) and capillary rheometers
  • Modular configuration of several material testing instruments.
  • Flexible design of the test instruments (linear or circular)
  • suitable for any test material

Melt Flow Indexer (MFR/MVR) vs. Capillary Rheometer

A Capillary Rheometer as well as a Melt Flow Indexer (Plastometer) can compare the flow behaviour of polymer plastics...



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