A higher accuracy as well as a higher level of automazation are key advantages of the mi40.

  • ISO 1133
  • ASTM D1238
  • ASTM D3364

The Melt Flow Index mi40 with automatic weight selection can carry out tests according to ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238, procedures B, as well as ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 procedure C for the “Half Height / Half Diameter” standard. In addition, it runs tests according to procedure D for the FRR test (Flow Rate Ratio) and ASTM D 3364. The manual procedure A can be performed as well. The Tests can vary from one test loads (single load mode) to several test loads per barrel filling (multiple test load mode).

The new generation of melt flow index measurements comes up with the GOETTFERT mi40. Operators in quality control (QC) departments have experienced the advantage of further automized melt index measurements and the exact determination of MFR (Melt-Flow-Rate) as well as MVR (Melt-Volume-Rate) according to to ISO 1133 as well as ASTM D1238 (Procedure A-B-C-D). Due to force controlled compressing with up to 60kg the comparability is reaching a new standard. An additional advantage of the mi40 is the multi-load measurement with up to 8 different weights, which are operable in a descending and ascending mode. The automatic detection of the operating point illustrates an additional optimazation of the instrument. Therefore, it is possible to compare the mi40 to a measurement unit which is similar to a capillary rheometer. 

  • force controlled pre-loading / ejection via drive and test weights
  • multi-load tests with up to 8 different weights, ascending, descending or freely selectable
  • high-precision timer with a resolution better than 0.001 s
  • temperature control algorithm, resolution 0 to 320°C: 0.01°C, 320 to 500°C: 0.1°C
  • high-resolution position transducer to measure volume output
  • automatic computation of resolution
  • mobile rheology with the miAPP via modern web browser on a tablet or PC

For the mi40 are different options available. Furthermore, GOETTFERT provides add-ons, which extend the functionality of the device. The following add-ons are available:

  • Die Swell measurement 
  • online determination of the melt density (by integrated laboratory scale)
  • Die Swell Unit 

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