Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear

Definition of Rheology means the mechanical characterization of polymer materials, representing a well established method for characterization. With the LAOS method the amplitude (excitation) is raised until response function is non-linear to excitation.


LAOS – Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear

  • Shearing at large deformation amplitude (up to approx. 1200%)
  • Investigation on nonlinear visco-elastic response of polymer materials and compounds
  • Shear induced aging and quality control e.g. for industrial applications
  • Phase shift determination of signal response
  • Signal generator for evaluation analysis
  • Fast Fourier Transformation
  • Discrete Fourier Transformation
  • Automatic creation of diagrams
    • raw signal
    • Fourier-analysis
    • phase shift
  • Table shows detected vibrations (harmonic), frequency, amplitude and phase
  • Direct evaluation from RubberView
  • Transformation of the data in MS Excel
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