Mobile rheology for Melt Indexer


The miAPP enables the mobile observation and analysis of the measured values for the melt indexer mi40.
The miAPP can be used on the following systems via a modern browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) in the latest version:

  • Microsoft Windows® operating systems (32/64-Bit) 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Apple's iPad® - series
  • Android Tablets

For tablets, the miAPP has been optimized for display diagonals starting at approx. 8".
The testing devices mi2.x, MI-3 as well as the MI-4 are conditionally upgradeable. Therefore the software version is important.

  • Mobile access to the current measured value of a running measurement as well as the active test parameters
  • Request via a modern browser on the tablet, PC or laptop
  • Platform independent (iOS, Android, Windows …)
  • One test device can be accessed per browser tab. For the simultaneous view of several test devices on PCs and other devices with large displays it is recommended to open a browser window for each test machine
  • For saved measurements (individual measurement) on the test device a statistic can be calculated. Furthermore, the measured values can be displayed in tabular and graphical form with limit values and their test parameters
  • Responsive Design - Automatically adjustment for the display size and -orientation
  • No installation efforts (no client installation)
  • Cost savings via BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – Due to the independence of the end devices, immediate access can also be granted for own devices
  • Simultaneous access by several persons for displaying the device status and the saved measurements of a test device
  • Displaying multi-load measurements up to 8 different weights
  • Program language switchable between German, English, others after translation


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