Maintenance and Service

GOETTFERT material testing equipment stands for a very long lifetime combined with a low failure rate. A periodical maintenance of our testing instruments ensures sustainable and repeatable test results. The service of our worldwide operating team of high qualified service engineers guarantees reliable and precise rheological test results. Especially instruments like our online rheometers or melt index instruments, being part of the customer process, are in need of a quick maintenance process to minimize downtimes. 


Periodical Servicing ensure the reliability of laboratory testing instruments. We offer   service contracts, customized to the individual needs of our clients. GOETTFERT quality management system according international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and our high qualified team of service engineers guarantee a fast and reliable worldwide service. Our service technicians are able to conduct different kinds of service following ISO/IEC 17025:

Maintenance 1

Maintenance and calibration with traceable tools without indicating measurement accuracy.

Maintenance 2

Maintenance and calibration of the instrument with traceable tools, including statistical measurement accuracy. The result of statistical measuring accuracy determined from an evaluation of the statistical measurants defined on different instruments.

After a successful conclusion of the calibration, a factory calibration protocol will be provided.

Maintenance 3

Maintenance and calibration of the instrument with traceable tools indicating the highest accuracy as a result of an statistical evaluation of the measurand determined  with customer equipment on their site.  

After a successful conclusion of the calibration, a calibration protocol following ISO 17025 will be provided.

The test equipment used for the testing and calibration subjects to the control of inspection and are rechecked in prescribed intervals. The validity of the relevant quality assurance certificates


and test reports is 2 years from date of issue. The traceability of the used test devices according to recognized national / international standards is guaranteed.

Remote maintenance

The use of our special remote control software (Teamviewer Software Download) enables our Service Engineers to control your instrument from our company remotely. This allows us to give you support for the operating Software, the handling of the instrument or to install program updates and fix configuration problems. Even training lessons might be a nice possibility to keep you always informed.


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