Melt-Index-Machine MI-ROBO

Now with integrated nozzle cleaner

The new Melt-Index - Machine MI ROBO 89.16 distinguishes itself through its fully automated system in combination with even higher accuracy. The main reason for the increasing accuracy is going back to the fact that no human operator is needed. This is a major difference to our other manual and half automated systems. Therefore, the human operating factor can be eliminated as a source of inaccuracy. The melt index test runs are being completed in conformity with norms like ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238.

The MI-ROBO 89.16 is now equipped with an integrated nozzle cleaner. The nozzle is being cleaned automatically, so it is available right away for further test runs.

Additional upgrades are the optimized exchange of the cleaning band and the force controlled compressing of the testing material as well as the ejecting of the remaining material.

Through the switch from a pneumatic motor to an electronic motor, we could lower the operating noise drastically.

The already existing automated weight selection, has been improved and accelerated. In addition, the stamp cleaning has been improved, which offers a quick availability of the stamp for following test runs. An optional connection of an online sampler can be placed on the MI-ROBO 89.16.

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