Measurement and visualization-software for High Pressure Capillary Rheometer.

Measurement and Visualization-Software for High Pressure Capillary Rheometer.

The program is used for the fully parameterisation and control of the complete measurement, the graphical display and the saving in databases. All data sets are handled in tabular form, new measurements can be added, existing ones modified or deleted. Filters can be set for purposes of clarity, access rights for more safety. The evaluation of the test results is being performed with the approved Software “WinRheo II”.

  • Automatic device recognition including all in the Rheometer saved calibration values (temperature correction, pressure-, force-sensor, …)
  • Continuous display of status for all device information
  • Free layout, size and positions of all displayed values
  • Pre-definable menues for a faster parameterizing, such as automatic data set name, operators or often used designations
  • Easy to use surface area with big, clear and well arranged buttons
  • Self-explanatory menues and dialog windows
  • Error messages with detailed analysis information
  • Script-compliant, i.e. own special measurement procedures can be created
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