Practice-oriented and target group oriented

The success of a company depends not only on its products or services, but also on the skills and knowledge of its employees. Effective training is the key to ensuring that users have the necessary skills and competencies to take full advantage of our testing machines.

Our in-house workshops are held on fixed dates in the categories of melt index and capillary rheometer in german and include a theoretical and practical part. You can find the dates on our German page.

Online capillary rheometer and elastomer testing are offered exclusively as individual training.

Of course, you can also take advantage of individual training in the categories of melt flow index and capillary rheometer. In this case, we will determine the date and scope of the training together with you.

Individual Training

Our training program does not offer what you are looking for? Furthermore you would like to receive individual, customized training with a group of employees at your facility or in our application testing laboratory?

We are offering individual training with Melt Flow Indexers, Capillary Rheometers or Rubber-Testing-Instruments. In doing so, we agree on the content and format of the training according to the requirements defined by you.

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