Online Sampler

We are not only competent to test materials, but also for feeding!
Did you know, that we can serve our At-Line Stations and EXTRUSIOMETERs as well as our laboratory devices with granules, grit or powder even over wide distances without any problems?

Technical specifications
  • System suitable for granules, grit and powder
  • Adjustment of the feed rate according to the application case
  • Wide distances realizable by the use of sending amplifiers
  • Transport medium (carrier substance) air, nitrogenium, …
  • No electrostatic charging of the material
  • Quick material change by sampler emtying up to the Extruder screw
  • Reliable avoiding of test material bridges
  • Reference material sampling
  • Automatic cleaning functions (self-cleaning, …)
  • Automatic waste handling
  • Sampler in Ex- or Non-Ex design
Optional units
  • Pre-filter for sticky pellets
  • Furthermore manual test sample drawable
  • Touch-control for up to 4 sampler (already in work)
  • Sampler-control free adaptable via times
  • Remote control of the PC’s and the sampler via telephone, ISDN or Internet
  • Automatic error diagnosis and messaging
Sales Service