Volume Punches

The pre-condition for reproducible tests are test samples with a constant volume. The following volume punches cuts out of an unvulcanized batch with different thickness rates a test sample with a constant volume. Precise components for accurate test results, two-hand operation for user safety.

The punching procedure is being released by a two-hand operation to ensure the safety of the operator. At first, the batch will be compressed - therefore excess material flows out or it is pressed out. Then the actual punching operation is performed. The volume of the sample can be adjusted exactly and the compression time is variable too.

Our product range contains two different kinds of volume punches:

On one hand the hand-operated-volume punches and on the other hand the pneumatic volume punches.

Available Hand-Operated Volume Punches:

  • Hand-Operated Volume Punch 83.00 (for MDR, RPA, RCR)
  • Mooney Hand-Operated Volume Punch (especially for MOONEY-VISKOSIMETER)

Available Pneumatic Volume Punches:

  • Pneumatic Volume Punch 89.00 (for MDR, RPA, RCR)
  • Pneumatic Volume Punch 89.17 / max. 18kN (for MDR, RPA, RCR)
  • Mooney Pneumatic Volume Punch (especially for MOONEY-VISKOSIMETER)                                                                                                                                   
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