Counter Pressure Viscosimeter

The Counter Pressure Viscosimeter or short GDV consists of two capillary rheometers which are connected by a heated channel. The device is used to study the viscoelastic behavior as a function of the counter-pressure.

  • ASTM D3835 (Viscosity)
  • ISO 17744 (PVT)
  • ASTM D5930 (TCM)
  • ASTM D5099 (Rubber)
  • ISO 11443 (Viscosity)

The Counter Pressure Viscosimeter consists of two interconnected capillary rheometers (normally one RG75 and one RG25), which can act simultaneously on a melt sample via a connecting channel. The actual test runs on the RG75 while the RG25 controls a constant pressure at the die outlet of the RG75. The pressure behind the die is measured with an additional pressure sensor. With the Counter Pressure Viscosimeter it is possible to determine the flow curve as a function of a precisely defined counter pressure.

The two capillary rheometers can also be operated independently of each other. All add-ons of the RHEOGRAPH series are also available for the Counter Pressure Viscosimeter.

Technical specifications
  • Heated high-pressure connection channel
  • Common base plate for perfect alignment
  • Automated script-controlled measuring sequence in combined counter pressure operation
  • Full functionality of the individual devices
  • Can be combined with all RHEOGRAPH add-ons

Viscosity measurements with counter pressure

An important contribution to the 3D injection molding simulation


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