The D-MELT enables the determination of melt index and elongation viscosity in one measurement. This combination is particularly interesting as a quick test in quality control (QC) for processing process of polymers.

The D-MELT makes it possible to also determine the Melt Elongation value (ME-value), a measure of the melt elasticity. Both measurements, ME and MVR, are done with just one filling of the test barrel. The ME-measurement is completed before the start of the standard-confirming MVR-measurement.

The ME-value is the force in the extruded strand at a certain draw-down ratio. This new combined method realizes the opportunity to determine a significant characteristic value of the extrusion behavior of your product in a quick, easy and cost-effective way. The D-MELT system and the ME-value are therefore ideal for continuous process monitoring or the inspection of incoming goods.

Technical specifications
  • Determination of melt index and melt elasticity in one measurement
  • Speed range from 0 bis 44,8 m/min (D-MELT HAUL-OFF)
  • Characteristic single value as result of the HAUL-OFF measurement
  • Force and velocity are graphically displayed during measurement
  • Force and velocity during measurementcan also be recorded
  • Uncomplicated and predefined measuring principle
  • Free definable velocity profile
  • Operation and data recording via PC software D-MELT Console (Optional MFRHost and RHEOTENS E)
  • Precise, high-resolution force sensor

D-MELT: Determination of Shear and Elongational Properties

Measurement of flow and extension properties using a melt index tester (Plastometer)


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