The D-MELT enables the determination of melt index and elongation viscosity in one measurement. This combination is particularly interesting as a quick test in quality control (QC) for processing process of polymers.

The melt index measurement is an internationally standardized procedure, which is used to determine the flowability of polymer melts. The sample is plasticized in a heated test barrel and afterwards extruded through a capillary with a test piston and a defined weight on top. Meanwhile the MVR-value (melt volume-flow rate) is calculated form the feed rate of the test piston. With the melt density it can be converted to the MFR-value (melt mass-flow rate) in g/10 min.

The D-MELT makes it possible to also determine the Melt Elongation value (ME-value), a measure of the melt elasticity. Both measurements, ME and MVR, are done with just one filling of the test barrel. The ME-measurement is completed before the start of the standard-confirming MVR-measurement.

The ME-value is the force in the extruded strand at a certain draw-down ratio. This new combined method realizes the opportunity to determine a significant characteristic value of the extrusion behavior of your product in a quick, easy and cost-effective way. The D-MELT system and the ME-value are therefore ideal for continuous process monitoring or the inspection of incoming goods.

Technical specifications
  • Determination of melt index and melt elasticity in one measurement
  • Speed range from 0 bis 44,8 m/min (D-MELT HAUL-OFF)
  • Characteristic single value as result of the HAUL-OFF measurement
  • Force and velocity are graphically displayed during measurement
  • Force and velocity during measurementcan also be recorded
  • Uncomplicated and predefined measuring principle
  • Free definable velocity profile
  • Operation and data recording via PC software D-MELT Console (Optional MFRHost and RHEOTENS E)
  • Precise, high-resolution force sensor

D-MELT: Determination of Shear and Elongational Properties

Measurement of flow and extension properties using a melt index tester (Plastometer)


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