Melt Flow Index Instruments

Extrusion Plastometers, or Melt Flow Indexers (Plastometer), are built according to ISO 1133, as well as ASTM D1238 standards, and available with different levels of automation. From a manual test instrument to the fully automated mi-Robo, with different models in between, we also offer ways to measure MFR and MVR online and atline. Melt Indexers, also called Plastometers, are mostly used for quality control (QC), but besides determination of MFR and MVR, it is possible to extend the characterization of the material with add-ons like the elongation or die-swell unit.

Product overview

Capillary Rheometer

Capillary Rheometer are used in particular for dynamic viscosity testing, in quality control (QC), or research and development (R&D) laboratories. Besides measuring viscosity, several different add-ons are available to enhance the capability of a GÖTTFERT high shear rheometer. Some examples are elongation viscosity, thermal conductivity, pvt-measurement (isobar/isotherm), die swell unit, or flow instabilities. Online and atline capillary rheometers are offered, capable to correlate to intrinsic viscosity, or MFR/MVR.

Capillary Rheometer

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of instruments for rheological testing solutions. With multiple application possibilities for material testing, we focus on rubber rheometers and on capillary rheometers for the plastics industry.

Measuring the viscosity is the standard measurand to characterize materials in terms of their flow behaviour. The product portfolio of GÖTTFERT is covering material testing instruments for thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers.

A modular based product line of melt indexers (Plastometer) offers users an easy entry to measure the flowability of any kind of material.

Technology wise, delivering more information than the melt indexer, GÖTTFERT capillary rheometers offer the most options available in the industry.

A range of powerful, high shear rheometers offers unsurpassed dynamic viscosity testing. Additional add-ons for extended material testing like RHEOTENS or HAUL-OFF for determination of elongational viscosity are available.

Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA), a Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) as well as a Rubber Capillary Rheometer (RCR) are available for testing elastomers or rubber materials according to well-established ISO and ASTM standards.

Beside laboratory instruments, GÖTTFERT is also a well-known manufacturer for online and atline measurement instruments. Such kind of instruments, connected to a screw extruder, measure the viscosity of a polymer in the process.
As rheometers, they measure viscosity, but are often used to monitor intrinsic viscosity (IV), or melt index (MFR / MVR). Optional are measurements of additive levels (via NIR) and elongational or visco-elastic properties.

Laboratory extruders are also modular based and may be combined with a flat film unit (FFU) or blow film unit (BFU). Optical film analysis is an important option offered in this application.

A worldwide established sales and service network ensures global coverage for fast service in terms of instrument installation or maintenance.

About us

GÖTTFERT is the world's leading supplier of rheological material testing machines in the field of plastics and rubbers.

Our testing machines are used in production control laboratories (Quality Control), in research and development departments or universities. Our portfolio of rheological testing instruments is also covering on-line rheometers for production extruders.

Since 1962 GÖTTFERT represents the highest level of technological developments in combination with highest quality as well as customer-oriented service our products and services are ongoing developed.

Our products are in use worldwide. In order to offer best service to our customers, the company has an independent subsidiary in the US (GÖTTFERT Inc.) and a partner company in China (GÖTTFERT China).

In addition, our products are represented by commercial agencies in over 90 countries to cover a world-wide service and sales network.

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