RCR 75

A Capillary Rheometer with a measurement force of 75kN for rubber testing in the field of flowing behaviour under processing condition.

  • ASTM D5099 (Rubber)
  • ISO 11443 (Viscosity)
  • GFT 014-02

The Rubber capillary Rheometer RCR 75 is the high-end instrument of rubber testing with a measurement force of 75kN. Both RCR 75 and RCR 20 (measurement force 20kN) are able to work in extrusion and injection mode. The extrusion mode is determining information about specific flowbehavior of rubber. The second mode is the injection mode, which is analyzing specific behavior during the process of injection moulding. Operators can change quickly between both of the operation modes. The measurement modes of the GÖTTFERT Rubber Capillary Rheometer, lift rubber testing to a new level and closer to the processing of rubber compounds.


  • Test piston force of 20 kN maximum
  • Test piston diameter 20, 30 or 35 mm
  • short measurements intervalls of 3 minutes 
  • high dynamic piston acceleration: 0-15mm/s in 35sec. 
  • Cleaning Module 
  • Die Swell Measurement 
Measuring Types
  • injection mode 
  • extrusion mode 
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