The Test-System to determine the extensional properties of Polymers.

It is well known that the elongational flow behavior, which dominates many processing techniques, can not be determined from shear experiments. The patented Rheotens melt tensile testing technique has proven to be highly reproductable and sensitive and will differentiate even polymer melts showing differences in molecular structure, which cannot be detected with other analytical methods.

Technical specifications
  • Freely selectable speed
  • Freely selectable acceleration, either in linear or in exponential mode
  • The RHEOTENS 97 Software provides full control over the instrument's parameters running and evaluation
  • Pull-off-wheels with ridged, smooth and smooth conical surfaces are available
  • An optional pair of wheels helps to eliminate the problem of the melt strand sticking to the first set of wheels and winding itself up
  • Existing RHEOTENS instruments can be retrofitted with the new electronics and software
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