Werkstoff-Prüfgeraet zur Bestimmung der intrinsischen Viskosität

IV Tester

The IV Tester is to determine the intrinsic viscosity also called solvent viscosity or intrinsic viscosity.

  • ASTM D1238
  • ISO 1133
  • ISO 12418-2:2012

No chemical solvents are used in the determination. This method is used in particular for quality control of polyester (PET) or polyamide (PA).

Dermination of Intrinsic Viscosity
  • User friendly operation and display of measurements results via the integrated touchscreen
  • User friendly process to determine correlation factors
Optional Units
  • Manual die plug (special heated version for high temperatures available); Automatic melt cutting unit
  • Nitrogen purge for hydroscopic materials
  • Alternative steel grades for barrel and piston with higher corrosion or abrasion resistance
  • Data protection of parameters and results via uninterruptible power supply
  • Only mi2.2: Mechanism for pre-compressing and ejection with a higher weight

The residual moisture has a considerable influence on the measurement result for certain test materials. Therefore, it is recommended to dry test materials before a IV measurement and to determine the residual moisture.



Intrinsic Viscosity

The intrinsic viscosity (IV), also referred as intrinsic viscosity, or Staudinger index [η]...



Detection Intrinsic Viscosity

Characterization of the average molecular weight by means of IV

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