The "MV" is a shearing disc viscometer used to determine the scorch characteristics and Mooney Viscosity recorded over time of unvulcanised rubber compounds and samples of synthetic rubber or pure natural rubber according highest ISO and ASTM standards.

  • ASTM D1646
  • DIN 53529
  • ISO 289

A shearing disk viscosimeter with a closed chamber and rotor. The new developed device is used to determine the Mooney Viscosity and the scorch characteristics recorded over time. Typical test materials are unvulcanized rubber compounds and samples of pure natural or synthetic rubber.

The functionality is especially simplified due to the new design. The sample (consisting of two round blanks) is being sheared in the closed chamber by a constant turning rotor. During this procedure the resulting torque is recorded while pressure, temperature and speed are constant. Due to the renewed design, the usability of the instrument has been improved substantially. The machine is used for a quick test in quality control according highest ISO and ASTM standards.

Technical specifications
  • Conforms to ISO 289 1-4, DIN 53523 1-4 and ASTM D1646
  • Table top unit with state-of-the-art control electronics for raw data acquisition, controlling and test data processing
  • Highly sensitive and accurate torque measurement up to 200 ME
  • Temperature control range up to 200°C
  • Rotor drive via a precision stepper motor with a standard speed of 2 rpm
  • Software "RubberView" for parametrization, data acquisition and evaluation
  • Universal operation with one multi-function button that changes color depending on the operating status
  • Compact, service-friendly design with easily accessible components, suitable for remote maintenance
  • Pneumatic rotor ejection
Measurement types
  • Mooney viscosity
  • Mooney scorch
  • Mooney relaxation
  • Delta-Mooney
Optional units
  • Rotor position detection
  • Air / liquid temperature control
  • Freely adjustable constant speed from 0.1 to 5 rpm
  • Freely adjustable constant speed from 0.1 to 50 rpm
  • Torque check device
  • Volume Punch

Mooney Scorch

The Mooney-Scorch experiment characterize the scorching (vulcanizing) behaviour of a test sample at high temperatures...

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