The REAL TIME RHEOMETER is an online-capillary-Rheometer used in online quality control, which performs measurements on a continuous basis.

The REAL TIME RHEOMETER RTR/RTS is a capillary rheometer used in online quality control, which performs measurements on a continuous basis. The unit is used in production control and for monitoring high and low-viscosity polymers in the production and processing of raw materials.

Technical specifications
  • Melt return flow
    No melt is lost and the removal of melt is no longer necessary.

  • Short residence time
    The flow rate of the circulating system (CS) is up to 100 times higher than that of the Measuring stream (MS). The corresponding residence times are short and prevent polymer degradation.

  • Large measuring range
    DThe flow rate of the circulating system (CS) is independently controlled, and therefore can always be made high enough to enable measurements at very low pump speeds in the measuring system. The effective control range is 1:1000, which corresponds to a MFR range of 0.3-100g/10min. Changes in the molecular structure can be measured from a minimum shear rate of 0.1 1/s (residence time is drastically reduced by the CS).

  • Short response time
    The short residence time results in a corresponding short response time when the material is changed.

Optional Units
  • Using the newly developed twin die and 3 pressure transducers continuously covers a defined range of the viscosity function under single point measurement.
  • The melt flow rate (MFR) and the melt volume rate (MVR) are calculated with and without temperature compensation.
  • Test values are MVR, MFR, viscosity function and flow exponent.
  • The RTS-TD is based on the patented REAL TIME RHEOMETER. The melt from the material supply line is fed back into the production line after the test has been performed. Fresh melt is continuously supplied to the capillary via a circulating stream (CS), which superposes the actual measuring stream (MS). This offers the shortest possible response- and residence-time from the measuring system regardless of the shear rate in the measuring stream.
  • The system is also available for use in hazardous areas zone 1 and 2 with the classification "Gas-Ex: Ex II 2G Ex h IIC/IIB T2 Gb X" and "Dust-Ex: Ex II 2D Ex h IIIC/IIIB IP65 Ta,max Db X".


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