Flat Film Unit FFU 300/400

This is a compact machine that combines the cooling, winding and take-off of flat films made from PP, PE and other types of plastics.

The Flat Film Unit is a compact unit combines the take-off, cooling and winding of flat films made of PE, PP and other plastics. It also serves to produce small films with variable thicknesses used in the packaging industry in general, and in the food industry specifically, where large film production units are not efficient.

Technical specifications
  • Slit die widths 70/120/150/220/320/420 mm
  • Film width up to 400mm (more on request)
  • Pull off speed 0-50m/min
  • Winding roll diameter max. 600mm
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Windup unit with split shaft for tubeless winding
Optional units
  • Flat Film Unit on movable frame
  • Air knife to cool the film
  • Thermostat for tempering the nip rolls
  • Edge remover
  • Film inspection (spots and inhomogeneities)
  • Film thickness measurement
  • Haze / Gloss measurement


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