ISO 17025 Accreditation

Successful expansion to ISO / IEC 17025 Testing Lab

Material testing with conformity to relevant measuring standards like DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 is becoming increasingly important. In order to guarantee the best possible service regarding the calibration of our testing instruments, we have expanded our lab‘s accreditation compliant to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. Specifically, for the point „Parameter determination of mechanic-technological testing instruments and processes."


ISO / IEC 17025 testing lab

At the GÖTTFERT testing lab, our application technology experts conduct material tests in conformity to ISO / IEC 17025 with instruments like Capillary Rheometer, Melt Flow Indexer (Plastometer), Laboratory Extruders, Flat and Blown Film Systems as well as instruments like the Rubber Process Analyzers or the Moving Die Rheometers.

In our expanded lab, a team of qualified experts conducts rheological tests in conformity to ISO / IEC 17025.

Besides standard ISO and ASTM norms, we use additional internal norms in order to maintain our high level of quality for our products. These norms will especially be used, if certain testing processes are not yet covered by official norms.  


ISO / IEC 17025 expansion

With the expansion of the existing ISO / IEX 17025 accreditation by the parameter determination of mechanical-technological testing systems and processes, GÖTTFERT offers the best possible service for calibration of your material testing instruments. Always in conformity with ISO / IEC 17025. Herewith the following measurands depending on your testing device will be certified:

  • Geometry
  • Force
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • Torque
  • Rotational Speed
  • Angle
  • Frequency

Depending on the device, these testing parameters will be measured in the relevant range.


Customers in the automobile industry

In order to fulfill the requirements of the IATF certification 16949:2016, a return to an ISO / IEC 17025 accredited lab is necessary. With the expansion of our lab in conformity with ISO / IEC 17025 and the point of parameter determination of mechanical-technological testing systems and processes, GÖTTFERT fulfills these requirements with a majority of its product variety.


What consequences does this have for the maintenance of your GÖTTFERT instrument?

We offer three different service packages for the maintenance of your GÖTTFERT testing instrument. Main point of difference is the analysis or determination of measurement uncertainty of tested measurands.



This plan covers maintenance and calibration with returned measuring materials once. The measurement uncertainty of the instruments is not covered by this plan. This package also comes with test protocol and a maintenance checklist.



A maintenance inspection as part of the „SERVICE BASIC PLUS“ plan includes the calibration and maintenance of the testing device with returned measurement materials and statistical measurement uncertainty. The measurement uncertainty will be determined with a statistical evaluation under the usage of several testing devices. As a result, our customers will receive a calibration certificate as a testing protocol.



The „SERVICE ISO 17025“ plan includes the maintenance and calibration of the testing device with returned measurement materials and the information of the lowest measurement uncertainty, which will be determined directly on-site.

After the successful testing a verification report conform to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and the DakkS logo will be handed out.


What does this mean for the final inspection or commissioning of your material testing instruments?

Every GÖTTFERT testing instrument runs through a thorough quality check prior delivery to our customers. During this process appropriate parameters are being tested. Depending on different internal process requirements, there is the option to determine the measurement uncertainty with the help of different parameters or directly at the instrument itself.


In case of questions regarding the different service plan, feel free to contact us by phone +49 (0) 62 81 408 - 0 or by E-Mail

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