miCONNECT: Measurement Software for Melt Flow Indexer

After successful completion of the "Beta Test Phase" the new test software for Melt Flow Indexer (Plastometer) "miCONNECT" is now available for all our customers.

miCONNECT is basicly a browser-based platform which allows, after a one-time installation, to create device-independent test plans and parameter sets on any number of end devices, to control the measurement live, to analyze the measurement results and to manage or export the generated test reports. With integration of the established industry 4.0 standard OPC/UA in all models of GÖTTFERT Melt Flow Indexer (Plastometer), a bi-directional data exchange between tester and the testing software for melt index testers "miCONNECT" is enabled. The OPC/UA interface used also enables data transfer to higher-level systems such as LIMS (Laboratory Information System) or MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

The measurement software “miCONNECT” is available for all current laboratory instruments of GÖTTFERT Melt Flow Indexer (Plastometer). In addition, existing data sets from the predecessor software MFR Host can be integrated.

Summarized highlights of miCONNECT:

  • User-friendly browser-based user interface
  • Terminal independent access to Melt Flow Indexer
  • Integration of up to 5 Melt Flow Indexer
  • User Level Management
  • Bi-directional data exchange via OPC-UA
  • Integration into higher-level systems such as LIMS or MES

Let our sales team demonstrate the miCONNECT testing software to you today. Make an appointment at sales@goettfert.de or +49 (0) 6281 4080.

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