Applications for our Products

Rheological testing instrument enable the possibility of different applications in laboratories of research and development as well as quality control. Melt Index Testing instruments, also called Plastometer, allow not only MFR (melt flow rate) and MVR (melt volume rate) measurements according to ISO and ASTM standards but also determination of intrinsic viscosity.

The modular series of capillary rheometers with different add-ons (options) enable the possibility to comprehensively characterization of flowable materials in a process-oriented way. In addition to the viscosity measurement by different add-ons the thermal conductivity, the elongation, the viscosity depending on the back pressure, PVT (isobaric and isothermal), the threshold value, and the flow instabilities or the Shark-Skin effect can be determined.

In addition to the standard applications that are on the market, our rubber testing instruments also offer the option of characterizing the flowability of rubber compounds close to the process.

On the following categorized sub-pages, applications from the product ranges melt index testers (Plastometer), capillary rheometers and elastomer testers are shown as examples.

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