From pioneer to world market leader

2022 we celebrated our 60th anniversary. We look back and are proud of what we have achieved.

Founded in 1962 by Prof. Dr. Otto Göttfert, GÖTTFERT has developed from an independent pioneer in the early days of rheology to a medium-sized company with 165 employees and over 90 representatives worldwide. The cornerstones of success, then as now, are technology, quality, service and high professional competence.

Even in the early beginnings, the company was characterized by innovation. Otto Göttfert was a visionary and developed, among other things, the first rotorless volcameter "ELASTOGRAPH" in the world. This pioneering spirit still characterizes us today.

We are constantly developing and have always stood for innovation, tradition and sustainability. Our core competencies are process-oriented and form the framework for our extensive product portfolio.

Review of our success story

Lasting success is only possible in a team

We are particularly grateful to our employees, who are committed to GÖTTFERT every day. Without their commitment, we would not have achieved this sustainable success.

Our #TEAMGÖTTFERT is characterized by the experience of older employees and the fresh wind of the younger generation.

This interaction and cooperation allows us to rethink old structures and look at things from a different perspective. This allows us to look to the future with confidence and optimism.

This is what our managing director Dr.-Ing. Axel Göttfert says

Looking back, and for me as a senior there are quite a few years, the emergence of microprocessor technology in the mid-1980s was of great importance. Thanks to our always excellent development department, we were among the first to use self-developed processors in our devices. While our competitors connected their devices with pocket calculators, which were common at that time, we were independent and completely self-sufficient from the beginning with our own software and hardware. Seen from today's perspective, an important decision at the right time.

From more recent times, of course, I see our nine-building expansion completed in 2017. I see the successful combination of combining the new with the existing in such a way that both more effective workspaces and a representative appearance were created as one of the decisive reasons for our current successful status, which we undoubtedly have.


There's not much to think about ...

Three words that have characterized our DNA for 60 years now: the highest level of technology, the best quality and excellent service - nothing more to say.


Quite spontaneously? It feels very good!

It's not that long ago - at least in my mind - that I took over the management baton from my father. To stay with the example here of comparing a family business with a relay race, we are now in the transition zone, so to speak. When I started, I was first of all happy that both of us, my father and I, had managed the transition well. At some point you inevitably start thinking, what will the next transition be like?

After my son, Moritz Göttfert, decided to join the company and is now very successfully responsible for many key processes, I am more than convinced that we will also manage our baton change well.


A look into the crystal ball? Certainly not!

What we are concerned with today and what we are pushing ahead with should be valid tomorrow. Our goal is to have optimized all important operating processes in the foreseeable future so that we can continue to meet and further improve the quality standards that we and our customers have for our products. We are in the middle of this process of permanent digitization. I think we have set the course in this regard at the right time.

I am pleased and grateful for this when I consider the progress we have made so far. Without the excellent work that our managers are doing here, our ideas would hardly be feasible. It remains exciting and I am sure that we will all benefit from it.


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