As a versatile partner of different industry and research categories, we always offer first-class quality, best service and new innovations to our customers.

The Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is our partner for many years.

GÖTTFERT devices in use:

• Capillary Rheometer RHEOTESTER 2000
• Capillary Rheometer RHEOGRAPH 50
• Co-development of Shark Skin

The University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim also benefits from our premium quality and many years of experience.

GÖTTFERT devices in use:

• Capillary Rheometer RHEOGRAPH 25
• Capillary Rheometer RHEOGRAPH 6000
• Melt-Index Instrument MP/D

The POLYMERS Center of Excellence executes tests and organizes rheological workshops.

GÖTTFERT devices in use:

• Capillary Rheometer RHEOGRAPH 20
• Extensional Rheometer RHEOTENS
• Extensional Rheometer D-Melt
• Melt Indexers MI-4
• Melt Indexers mi2.2

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