MI-ROBO 89.16

The worldwide exclusive fully automated melt-index-instrument with automatic filling, measuring and cleaning.

  • ISO 1133
  • ASTM D1238

The MI-ROBO from GÖTTFERT offers the possibility to perform fully automated MFR/MVR-measurements of granulated and powder materials according to ISO 1133 or ASTM D1238. This means a fully automatic filling of the test barrel, with automatic measurement execution, automatic cleaning and change of the capillary. With automatic filling, any number of measurements can be carried out in succession without human intervention. The MI-ROBO can be individually adapted to the application by optional designs. 

In addition to MFR/MVR measurements according to ISO 1133 Procedure B and ASTM D1238 Procedure B, the plastometer is also capable of multi-weight measurements with a single barrel filling to determine the Flow Rate Ratio (FRR) according to ASTM D1238 Procedure D.

Technical specifications
  • Integrated sample magazine for 30 individual measurements
  • Fully automatic measurement with freely definable parameters for each test
  • Fully automatic cleaning of piston and test barrel with brushes and cloths
  • Integrated capillary precleaning and magazine for 30 capillaries
  • Magazine for up to eight test weights from 1 kg to 21.6 kg
  • Multi-Load measurements with two different weights
  • Force-controlled pre-compression / ejection via drive with up to 60 kg force
Additional Specifications
  • 5.7" touchscreen display on MI-ROBO
  • PC-Software MFRHost for parameter input, test execution and evaluation of MFR/MVR results
  • Temperature control algorithm, resolution 0 to 320°C: 0.01°C, 320 to 500°C: 0.1°C
  • Precise measurement of piston travel and time
  • Individual filling and cleaning procedures, specific for each material
  • Electrically heated test chamber with easily exchangeable test barrel
  • Test chamber and cleaning tools are electrically positioned and driven
Optional Units
  • Inlet design for sticky materials
  • Magazine heater
  • Nitrogen purging of sample magazine for hygroscopic polymers
  • Material feeding via conveyor system
  • Alternative steel grades for barrel and piston with higher corrosion or abrasion resistance


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