Reproducible and Accuracy of Melt-Index-Tests

GÖTTFERT Melt Flow Testers (Plastometers) are manufactured according to the most modern electronic and mechanical standards with minimal manufacturing tolerances. The result is a testing device which delivers precise and accurate MVR and MFR test results.

In addition to the reproducibility of the measurement results of a single plastometer, the comparability between several plastometers at one location, as well as between different locations is of particular interest. Each device leaving GÖTTFERT is tested for correct functionality and quality within the scope of our quality assurance system. Several MFR-tests with our PE reference material are the last measurable process step.

With the past 500 plastometers of the instrument series mi40 an average standard deviation of 0.02 g/10min at a target value of 8.77 g/10min and thus a coefficient of variation of 0.18% could be achieved with 2000 melt index measurements according to ISO 1133.

Therefore, our plastometers meet the highest requirements and are in use worldwide by many large polymer manufacturers and processors.

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