Remote Assistance Support

Every day we learn to deal with new restrictions for living and traveling. The travel restrictions, which vary from country to country and from region to region, with the associated obligatory country-specific quarantine regulations, not only make on-site commissioning, maintenance and repair of GÖTTFERT test equipment more complicated.

We have used COVID-19 as an opportunity and carried out GÖTTFERT test equipment with the help of remote support as early as March 2020. By using digital communication tools such as MS TEAMS as well as data glasses, the respective GÖTTFERT product experts from the service center have supported the local partner and customer during on-site commissioning.
Based on the experience already gained with remote assistance, the workflows are continuously optimized and adapted with the help of digital service tools.

Whether for commissioning, repairs or other service support, GÖTTFERT product experts from the service center in use of digital solutions on a daily basis to support our customers worldwide via remote assistance.

With the help of Remote Assistance, we have already been able to successfully commission, maintain or repair numerous of GÖTTFERT testing instruments. Due to the great success, remote assistance is used every day for commissioning and repairs of GÖTTFERT test devices around the globe. Support via data glasses is just one of the tools our product experts use for remote support.

If you would like to learn more about GÖTTFERT Remote Support, please contact us at or +49 (0) 6281 4080.

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