Melt Index Flow Service (FAQ)

Maintenance / Calibration

In principle, we cannot make any binding statement here, as the necessary test cycles depend on the regulations of the individual customer.

If not otherwise specified, we recommend maintenance every one or two years, depending on the testing volume. In addition, the basic functionality should be tested much more frequently (depending on the frequency of testing, weekly - 3 monthly) with measurements using reference material. We offer a stable and durable reference material with test certificate.

We also offer maintenance contracts (also according to ISO 17025), which are prioritized when appointments for maintenance are made.

During maintenance, the entire testing device is checked for conformity with the melt index standards. This includes: Temperature distribution in the test barrel, time measurement, displacement measurement, alignment, capillary geometry, piston geometry, barrel geometry, weights.

As a last step, standard measurements are performed using our reference material.

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